The Schmolke Team Advantage

All we do at Schmolke Investment Team is manage our client’s money- That’s it for the past 30 plus years. Through those years we have seen a lot of different markets, economies, and many philosophies and strategies for managing people’s money. We utilize our experience and take the emotion out of the equation, while applying common sense strategies after getting to know your risk tolerance, and family and personal needs. Our competitive advantage is to take a long-term view of investments and create customized strategies for each of our clients. We believe in investing in quality companies and giving them time, which we believe are the two primary factors that give you the best opportunity to profit from these investments.

There are multiple investment vehicles that will allow an individual to benefit from these two factors, and we delve into a person's risk aversion, time horizon and other factors to decide which investments are best suited for each of our clients. We take our time to get to know our clients, so we can strive to give them the best service and guidance. Once we have initiated the customized plan, we monitor the plan and make change recommendations only when warranted.

Together we can implement a plan of action that should provide growth and or income for a client over an agreed upon time horizon.


Our Philosophy is based on an investment team with a proven track record with timely insights and analysis.  We share our thoughts on market conditions and trends in global capital markets, and any changes in macro themes and asset allocation. In the process, we hope to better educate those that we serve. Our Philosophy as an investment team involves ongoing education and analysis, which combined provide timely insights. Another key aspect, and strength, of our approach is our ability to call on past decades of experience as a professional investment advisor representative when determining how to best apply the insights provided by education and analysis.  

Another important facet of our Philosophy is Teamwork. We share our thoughts on market conditions and trends in global capital markets noting any changes in macro themes and asset allocation trends. Our Philosophy involves processing what we learn via ongoing contemporary education and analysis through the real world perspectives provided by decades of professional experience.  By working as a team and sharing our thoughts we are able to see issues and analyze trends and events each seeing things the other might not have.Through Teamwork we gain different insights that we might not have alone. 

The ultimate intent of our Philosophical approach is to be able to provide those we work for with the best information, analysis and professional service we can possibly give. It is therefore our primary goal to always hold our clients needs as our Number One priority.


This website is a resource for both current and future clients of the Schmolke Investment Team. To that end, the site includes several different content rich pages with regularly updated new releases, as well as access to the past editions of Video Alerts, Market Summaries, Newsletters and a wide variety of formulas and information required to calculate data for a variety of investment, savings, tax, and business situations as well as providing retirement related calculation software.

The Market Summaries page contains monthly, quarterly and annual content outlining many of the most significant developments and events that shaped the current marketplace. The Video Alerts page hosts several educational videos at all times and there will be new content added on a regular basis. The Newsletters page contain current and past newsletter editions to provide you with a greater understanding of the events and circumstances that shaped the current market. The Newsletters will be updated regularly and you can sign up to have them sent to you directly via email each time a new edition is released. 

The Calculators page is a powerful resource that outlines the formulas and facts needed to determine everything from how inflation could impact your savings to how you can determine what savings you will need to be able to retire. There is a menu listing of all the various Calculators that can be accessed, providing you with a wealth of resources.

We will continue to update, expand and develop the site so keep coming back for more useful content and educational videos.