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Schmolke Investment Team

Nuclear Fusion

It is being reported that scientists in California have conducted a fusion reaction and achieved a net positive energy output. This is HUGE. I am not even going to begin to act like I understand the science behind this. I am a finance guy, not a nuclear physicist. But this breakthrough will be huge not only for markets and even countries, but the entirety of humanity. If and when nuclear fusion is realized as a power source, coal and oil will go by the wayside (as it pertains to producing energy, they are both used in many many other ways). Even the clean energy we use to a lesser degree now will probably be used marginally, like it is now, but not in the amount people have been predicting. 

As the article says, we are decades away from seeing it put to use in a way that it will affect regular citizens. I am an optimist though. If we keep having more and more scientific breakthroughs (I believe we will), we may see things like this happening sooner rather than later. The more advancements we have, the more we will have in the future and the faster we will see them. There have been more of these in the last 100 years than in all of history before that.  And things are only going to speed up.

This is truly a big deal. Harnessing the power of stars has only been the stuff of science fiction. This shows that it is now in humanity's grasp. 

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