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Schmolke Investment Team

Lessons to Teach Your Kids for Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month.  The link below will bring you to the US News & World Report Article on 7 Lessons to Teach your Children.  Too many people these days have no concept of what it means to be financially literate.  They may know a few things (how to stay out of debt or manage a bank account) but have limited knowledge of other things (compounding vs. simple interest or dividend yields on securities).  

This article talks about ways you can start a foundation of financial literacy with your kids and build upon it as they grow older.  These are valuable lessons since many children and young adults don't understand how to manage money.   Many don't receive these lessons in school, so it's up to parents to teach this.  If you are having trouble teaching your children about managing their money, we would love to talk to you and give you some ideas.  

For the article, click Here