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The Biggest Threat to America



Throughout history, journalists and the media have been our first line of defense to hold business moguls, government agencies, military leaders, academics, cultural figures, and especially politicians accountable for their actions. 

We entrust our politicians to represent all Americans fairly and honestly. We also trust that they are honest and have integrity, but greed and power can be an aphrodisiac. No one from either political party or the media flinched when Richard Nixon was forced out of office due to the Watergate scandal, because he cheated and blatantly lied.

Every day Americans cannot watch over what all these influential people do better than our independent media. It’s the media that should investigate wrong doings and deceit, and report to the rest of us what is really going on with our country’s leadership. It’s what keeps the system in check and balanced. 

But the real threat to America is not terrorist or Russia, China or Iran, the real threat is collusion.  When the media creates secret alliances with the very people that they’re supposed to be holding accountable, we have a serious problem and misrepresentation, lies and misuse of power will go unchallenged. 

This is what we are watching unfold right now in our opinion. If you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it doesn’t matter. One has to admit how one-sided CNN, Fox, The NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC Twitter, Facebook and many other organizations are today. The media has chosen sides both Left and Right. Russian collusion, impeachment proceedings, COVID, the Presidential election have all got their own spin depending on who you watch or read in the news.

Depending on your political persuasion, if you watch Fox and CNN on any particular issue, you will get two totally different perspectives and propaganda on the same identical story. The recent interview on Fox with Tony Bobulinski is a good example, FOX calls Tony a credible witness and CNN calls it a smear tactic on Joe Biden. One news network calls the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett a travesty, while the other calls it a triumph.

So why is the mainstream media collaborating with the political parties? The primary rule is to always follow the money, right?  So, maybe influencing elections can be a boon for big businesses if the people in power can make changes that profit certain companies. Or maybe it is an infiltration by both political parties to control future elections. Both of these theories are merely speculation, but it does makes us all think about what is going on.

One can also speculate that political parties are collaborating with the intelligence agencies that spy on individuals and companies to shape public opinion. As well as the tech companies that post which stories they decide Americans should see and know about. 

The mainstream media also wants to increase revenues and creating controversy drives viewership. Negative drama on either political side sells advertising time.

It is interesting to watch how much money career politicians are worth, career politicians meaning a politician with more than 20 years in various public offices. According to Forbes magazine Joe Biden (47 years in politics) is worth approximately $9 million (1) as of 2019. As vice president of the United States he earned $230,700 a year. Prior to that, he earned quite a bit less in politics. According to Celebrity Wealth, George W. Bush has a net worth of $40 Million (2) and Barack Obama has a net worth of $70 Million (3). Then there is Bill Clinton who has a net worth of $120 Million (4). This does make us think about what’s going on in Washington D.C. and why isn’t our media investigating all these politicians? It is also fair to say that not all politicians are bad, there are many great people who have been called to serve and have done an exceptional job. 

The bottom line is this is not journalism any longer, it is an attack on American freedom and the biggest threat to our way of life. The investment markets are also affected by all of this dissention. The investment markets are more volatile today because of our political setting.

But the good news is the Schmolke Investment Team doesn’t care who is President of the United States, we don’t invest our client’s money based on whomever is in office. We invest our client’s money according to your risk tolerance and individual needs.


As always, our over 35 years of Experience Matters now more than ever before. The Schmolke Investment Team is always available to meet with you, not just annually to review your account but anytime you have any questions or concerns. We are grateful your business and appreciate a referral if you think we are doing a good job managing your nest egg.

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